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andy woodhull

Andy Woodhull

Rooftop Comedy

By Angie Frissore

While Woodhull’s humor could be classified as observational, it’s his random, unexpected punchlines that make his observations unique from those of other comedians.

jo koy

Jo Koy

Lights Out
Comedy Central

By Angie Frissore

Overall his current performance is strong and worth repeat viewings. Just don’t expect him to venture into more daring territory or darker corners anytime soon.

steve sabo

Steve Sabo

Mental Fornication

By Angie Frissore

Sabo is able to evoke a good amount of laughs from an audience when he’s not just trying to shock. Unfortunately his efforts seem to be tipped towards taking the easy way out.

john moses

John Moses

On the Edge
Uproar Entertainment

By Angie Frissore

Despite how far he takes it, that he’s able to connect with his audience on a very subtle personal level affords him the ability to truly be an equal-opportunity offender.