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ian bagg

Ian Bagg

It Takes a Village
Stand Up! Records

By Austin L. Ray

It Takes a Village is an interesting table-turn on the typical heckler-performer dynamic. Typically it’s the person on the stage versus the unruly denizens watching said person. Here it’s almost like Bagg’s the heckler.

glenn wool

Glenn Wool

I'll Ask Her
Stand Up! Records

By Austin L. Ray

The unpredictability is great, because it allows him to go off the rails on a whim, but you get the feeling that if he tightened up his act, it would be one of the best going right now.

hannibal buress

Hannibal Buress

Animal Furnace
Comedy Central

By Austin L. Ray

It’s almost as if he’s a comedic guidance counselor, pointing his audience to better decisions. But at the same time, he’ll be the first to admit it’s all kind of bullshit.