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Small, Dork and Handsome

Myq Kaplan

Small, Dork, and Handsome
New Wave Dynamics

By Daniel Berkowitz

Kaplan proves himself more than just a linguist deft at manipulating meaning; he’s able to take common items and everyday thoughts and concoct alternative theories that spring from a grain or two of truth and are magnificent to behold simply for the logic in which they’re grounded.

waiting for 2042

Hari Kondabolu

Waiting for 2042
Kill Rock Stars

By Daniel Berkowitz

The talent of 30-year-old New York comic Hari Kondabolu is undeniable: he’s cerebral, witty and occasionally daring. Waiting For 2042, however, is not as uniformly distinguished as its author.

Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt

Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time

By Daniel Berkowitz

Oswalt’s perspective seems to have shifted due to the raising of his young daughter, a “nugget of endorphins” that brightens his life and helps stave off depression. He still occasionally gets down, but his illness has gotten “creative” and learned to pick its spots.

Live At Third Man Records

Rory Scovel

Live at Third Man Records
Third Man Records

By Daniel Berkowitz

He’s unapologetic about using voices, and he’s more than willing to detour around his material to play off the crowd. Those tactics make Scovel a unique talent, but it’s fair to say they might not make him the proper type of comic to record a one-off show.

keep my enemies closer

J-L Cauvin

Keep My Enemies Closer

By Daniel Berkowitz

Cauvin is skilled at finding unique ways into tired subjects, as well as eliciting sympathy, or at the very least, compassion. What’s distinct about his persona is that it’s equally angry and intimate.

you will die

Joe DeRosa

You Will Die
BSeen Media

By Daniel Berkowitz

You Will Die finds DeRosa looking outward more frequently, taking the same cynical, critical eye that he’s so deftly used to make light of his own flaws and using it to point out what plagues society at large.