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alexander hamilton

John Roy

Alexander Hamilton
ASpecialThing Records

By Daniel Berkowitz

While the word “honest” is attached to a bloated number of comics nowadays, it’s actually a fitting description for Roy’s comedy, as he’s clearly comfortable talking about the uncomfortable.

in vogue

Tom Shillue

In Vogue
BSeen Media

By Daniel Berkowitz

We are at the three-quarters mark, and with each album that passes it becomes clearer and clearer that Shillue’s melding of sustained quality and prolificness is, frankly, unheard of.

freaked out epix

Tom Papa

Freaked Out

By Daniel Berkowitz

Papa is a gifted performer, supremely aware of his body movements, facial expressions and vocal intonations. What’s more, he doesn’t rely on the unspoken to replace his comedy, but to elevate it.

showtime relatively well

Dave Foley

Relatively Well

By Daniel Berkowitz

Aside from material on racism, everything Foley says feels like it’s his own—that it is, in some sense, unique to him both in terms of perspective as well as content.


Mike Lawrence

Comedy Central

By Daniel Berkowitz

There exists something of a dissonance between Lawrence’s self-perception of his comedic persona and the audience’s. It’s unnecessary to question how Lawrence feels about himself, but it’s certainly appropriate to want to hear more substantive material about why.

explosion land

David Huntsberger

Explosion Land
Stand Up! Records

By Daniel Berkowitz

Huntsberger rarely talks about himself, but he makes up for that lack of intimacy by not merely addressing topics ostensibly foreign to comedy fans, but by doing so in an intelligent, fluid and slightly absurdist way.