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700 sundays

Billy Crystal

700 Sundays

By Josh Bell

Crystal’s account of his Long Island childhood is a flood of hokey nostalgia and emotional manipulation, diluting his undoubtedly genuine feelings (including his grief over the death of his father when he was 15) into so much shtick.

we are miracles

Sarah Silverman

We Are Miracles

By Josh Bell

Silverman barrels right into seemingly shocking and offensive topics (“I need more rape jokes”), only to immediately backtrack and make her audience question why that topic is shocking and offensive.

whoopi goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley


By Josh Bell

Mabley represented a concrete link between vaudeville traditions and stand-up comedy as we know it today, and it’s fascinating to see her act develop from early song-and-dance routines to a recognizable comedic persona.

buried alive

Aziz Ansari

Buried Alive

By Josh Bell

It’s clear that Ansari has thought a lot about what it means to get married, to start a family, to knowingly take on all the trappings of a traditional life… At his best, Ansari offers a kind of deconstructionist perspective on a subject most people take for granted.