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chris hardwick

Chris Hardwick

Comedy Central

By Josh Bell

Hardwick is clearly capable of putting clever spins on nerd-related topics, but one of the perils of his success seems to be that his audience is so grateful for the validation that he doesn’t have to go very far to please them.

d.l. hughley

D.L. Hughley

The Endangered List
Comedy Central

By Josh Bell

A political documentary with a satirical edge in the vein of Michael Moore or Morgan Spurlock. It takes a silly premise and mines some surprisingly insightful political points from it, while never forgetting to be light and funny.

jeff ross

Jeff Ross

Jeff Ross Roasts America
Comedy Central

By Josh Bell

Roasts America abandons any pretense of being a traditional stand-up special and just cuts right to Ross dishing out insults to eager audience members, historical figures, celebrities and even his own preteen nephew.

kathy griffin

Kathy Griffin

Seaman 1st Class

By Josh Bell

Griffin’s outsider status among celebrities offered her the chance to speak truth to power, even if that power was just a trashy reality-TV star. But now she’s as deeply entrenched in the celebrity-industrial complex.

john leguizamo

John Leguizamo

Tales From a Ghetto Klown

By Josh Bell

Unlike the HBO versions of his past shows, Tales isn’t a straightforward performance film, but rather a behind-the-scenes documentary that shows virtually none of the actual content from Ghetto Klown.