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beta male

Kumail Nanjiani

Beta Male
Comedy Central

By John Wenzel

Beta Male is neither cliquish nor exclusionary. Nanjiani’s style is smart but also unusually welcoming, laced with self-conscious colloquialisms yet relatable in its observational goofiness.

andy and his grandmother

Andy Kaufman

Andy and His Grandmother
Drag City

By John Wenzel

Given his renown for a certain type of conceptual prank that has come to bear the unfortunate moniker of “anti-comedy,” it’s fair to ask if Kaufman would have wanted anything to do with this relatively straightforward sampler.

the fartist

Brian Posehn

The Fartist
New Wave Dynamics

By John Wenzel

Posehn’s awkward, screen-filling presence and strangled histrionics are as much a part of his persona as his love of marijuana, comic books and death metal, but they’re increasingly becoming secondary to his reliance on gross-out jokes.

aloha fluffy

Gabriel Iglesias

Aloha Fluffy
Comedy Central

By John Wenzel

Gabriel Iglesias doesn’t so much tell jokes as act them out like classic radio plays, inhabiting various characters with a snappy, head-spinning precision that would make most vocal actors jealous.

tom shillue

Tom Shillue

Lateral Thinking Puzzlers
BSeen Media

By John Wenzel

Just as lo-fi indie rock dared listeners to reconsider what was worth listening to when normal sonic trappings were absent, these releases implicitly ask whether Shillue can sustain interest simply by being prolific.