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joan rivers

Joan Rivers

Don't Start With Me
Entertainment One

By John Wenzel

Much of the humor lies not just in the calloused delivery, but the speed with which she attacks her targets. She’ll climb over any mountain to get to a punchline, and her focus is so intense it’s both scary and awesome.

james adomian

James Adomian

Low Hangin Fruit

By John Wenzel

The humor exists as much in Adomian’s sharp theatricality as the absurd content, even as the jokes unfurl a bit past their logical length. And Adomian is a pro when it comes to relishing the unkempt edges.

chris maddock

Chris Maddock

Point of Entry
Stand Up! Records

By John Wenzel

Maddock is just a regular dude, as opposed to a smug hipster, grizzled road warrior, take-no-prisoners truth-teller, or whatever stereotypical persona mid-level comics often feel the need to adopt.