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danny bevins

Danny Bevins

Rooftop Comedy

By Michael Tedder

He gets away with talking about abortion, religion and all the other classic dinner-time discussion points by personalizing the experience and filtering his humor through a fleshed-out, truly unique point of view.

tenacious d

Tenacious D

Rize of the Fenix
Columbia Records

By Michael Tedder

Their extra-musical success and Wikipedian love of rock clichés gives The D a perspective and luxury the Mötley Crües and Styxs of the world don’t have when making their actual please-just-love-us-again turns.

kristen becker

Kristen Becker

How Could She?

By Michael Tedder

Becker confronts the conundrum every comedian repping for an underrepresented group eventually faces: how best to split the difference between honoring your community and finding a way to just be yourself.

kevin hart

Kevin Hart

Laugh at My Pain
Comedy Central

By Michael Tedder

Long before he carved out a name for himself, Hart had a distinctive style and cadence that combined live-wire energy with pensive apprehension. And he was humble. These two attributes have served him well.