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Ryan Stout : TouchŽ

Ryan Stout

Comedy Central Records

By Michael Tedder

Stout’s snide, condescending tone serves the material, and he has a clear sense of authority. He has the audience on his side and a brisk pace that leaves no time to think about the odiousness of his content.

mo mandel

Mo Mandel

The M Word
Comedy Central Records

By Michael Tedder

The M Word is at its best when it seems he got the wrong memo about what he’s supposed to brag about and sheds light on his relatable fears like they’re the hottest notches on his bedpost.

rory scovel

Rory Scovel

Stand Up! Records

By Michael Tedder

Scovel specializes in jokes so loose and freewheeling that they barely qualify as shaggy-dog tales; a clump of dog hair drifting apart in the breeze, maybe. But give the man credit.