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Urban Myth Comedy Storytelling

Various Artists

By Nick A. Zaino III

Comics exploring their personal lives onstage is part of what defined stand up at its inception, when it emerged from vaudeville. The difference between what these comics do on Urban Myth and their normal acts is found in the rhythm and the payoff.

steve gillespie

Steve Gillespie

Stever Fever
Rooftop Comedy

By Nick A. Zaino III

He is self-deprecating and sarcastic, doesn’t understand dating or modern medicine, belongs to a lazy generation and works a little blue. What he does have going for him is great timing and a good sense of rhythm.

carl reiner

Carl Reiner

I Remember Me

By Nick A. Zaino III

I Remember Me is an extension of My Anecdotal Life, both warm and adoring appreciations for Reiner’s funny friends and a celebration of some of the less well-known personal and professional stories.

lenny bruce

2012 Comedy Gift Guide

By Nick A. Zaino III

Each sense of humor is a little different, but who doesn’t love to laugh? With that in mind, we’ve got comedy both naughty and nice, memoirs and one-person shows, the classics, British comedy, alternative and musical. That should cover just about everyone, and some people two or three times.