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the apple sisters

The Apple Sisters


By Steve Heisler

On 1943, the Sisters take the finer points of their act to a whole new level of finer-pointing. Their focus is on a particular year, and the group nails the target with bull’s-eye accuracy.

nick griffin

Nick Griffin

Shot in the Face
Rooftop Comedy

By Steve Heisler

His willingness to acknowledge his faults shoots Shot In The Face out of the bygone club-comedy era and into today’s stand-up world, where pulling back the curtain is not just a virtue but a given.

Lewis Black

Lewis Black

In God We Rust

By Steve Heisler

Given how deliberate and measured Black builds his arguments, it’s surprising when it’s not followed by a big moment of catharsis, or even a sentiment at the end that ties the disparate threads together.

jb smoove

JB Smoove

That’s How I Dooz It
Comedy Central

By Steve Heisler

…uncanny ability to turn the smallest joke into a 10-minute segment that ebbs and flows, building to multiple crescendos that often involve some serious contortions and/or the repetition of words and phrases.

hampton yount

Hampton Yount


By Steve Heisler

He’s clearly got a lot of ambitious ideas and is diligent about seeing them through, even if it means putting out this entire album himself at little to no profit.