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waiting for 2042

Hari Kondabolu

Waiting for 2042
Kill Rock Stars

By Daniel Berkowitz

The talent of 30-year-old New York comic Hari Kondabolu is undeniable: he’s cerebral, witty and occasionally daring. Waiting For 2042, however, is not as uniformly distinguished as its author.

me the whole time

Andy Sandford

Me the Whole Time
New Wave Dynamics

By Elise Czajkowski

Recorded in his hometown of Atlanta before a very energetic crowd, Me the Whole Time is everything a first album should be: packed with strong material from start to finish, filled with the type of memorable bits that will make people take notice and completely accessible to newcomers.

Live at the Bootleg

Karen Kilgariff

Live at the Bootleg
AST Records

By John Wenzel

Kilgariff’s a fine singer, with a wavering, vulnerable voice that falls somewhere between coffee shop balladeer and demented children’s entertainer. Her saccharine delivery complements the murky timbre of her acoustic guitar and sells the jokes against the often bleak, angry lyrics.


Bo Burnham

Comedy Central Records

By Nick A. Zaino III

Burnham is very self-aware, of his image as the nerdy theatre kid who was once picked on in school, and of someone for whom fame came quickly. And he uses all of that in his show.

Live At Third Man Records

Rory Scovel

Live at Third Man Records
Third Man Records

By Daniel Berkowitz

He’s unapologetic about using voices, and he’s more than willing to detour around his material to play off the crowd. Those tactics make Scovel a unique talent, but it’s fair to say they might not make him the proper type of comic to record a one-off show.


Tom Shillue

BSeen Media

By Nick A. Zaino III

There is some genuine heartbreak here amongst the jokes, and an earnestness that could be deadly if handled poorly. But Shillue can and does handle it, and it’s a shame there’s only one album left to go.

keep my enemies closer

J-L Cauvin

Keep My Enemies Closer

By Daniel Berkowitz

Cauvin is skilled at finding unique ways into tired subjects, as well as eliciting sympathy, or at the very least, compassion. What’s distinct about his persona is that it’s equally angry and intimate.

reign in laughs

John Tole

Reign in Laughs
Stand Up! Records

By John Wenzel

Tole fares best when focusing on life’s intimate, cringe-worthy moments–most of which involve sexual embarrassment and end with a breathless, reference-heavy rant. But even then it feels diluted by his reliance on profanity.