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Tom Shillue

BSeen Media

By Nick A. Zaino III

There is some genuine heartbreak here amongst the jokes, and an earnestness that could be deadly if handled poorly. But Shillue can and does handle it, and it’s a shame there’s only one album left to go.

keep my enemies closer

J-L Cauvin

Keep My Enemies Closer

By Daniel Berkowitz

Cauvin is skilled at finding unique ways into tired subjects, as well as eliciting sympathy, or at the very least, compassion. What’s distinct about his persona is that it’s equally angry and intimate.

reign in laughs

John Tole

Reign in Laughs
Stand Up! Records

By John Wenzel

Tole fares best when focusing on life’s intimate, cringe-worthy moments–most of which involve sexual embarrassment and end with a breathless, reference-heavy rant. But even then it feels diluted by his reliance on profanity.

you will die

Joe DeRosa

You Will Die
BSeen Media

By Daniel Berkowitz

You Will Die finds DeRosa looking outward more frequently, taking the same cynical, critical eye that he’s so deftly used to make light of his own flaws and using it to point out what plagues society at large.


Tom Shillue

BSeen Media

By Julie Seabaugh

His choices, meanderings and resolutions accurately mirror the narratives woven into (and from) every individual life. The journeys boil down to the baby steps, the process, the setting and accomplishing of goals that bring about the small victories and the dramatic revelations.


Patrice O’Neal

BSeen Media

By Nick A. Zaino III

There was a visible struggle going on that bonded him to his audience, and let him get away with saying more outrageous things about sex and politics. Whether it was calculated or not doesn’t matter

alexander hamilton

John Roy

Alexander Hamilton
ASpecialThing Records

By Daniel Berkowitz

While the word “honest” is attached to a bloated number of comics nowadays, it’s actually a fitting description for Roy’s comedy, as he’s clearly comfortable talking about the uncomfortable.

in vogue

Tom Shillue

In Vogue
BSeen Media

By Daniel Berkowitz

We are at the three-quarters mark, and with each album that passes it becomes clearer and clearer that Shillue’s melding of sustained quality and prolificness is, frankly, unheard of.