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food a love story

Jim Gaffigan

Food: A Love Story
Crown Archetype

By Nick A. Zaino III

Gaffigan doesn’t recommend anyone follow his unhealthy path. He recognizes there is an obesity problem in America, and lampoons it frequently. But he still wants to love what he’s eating.

poking a dead frog

Mike Sacks

Poking a Dead Frog
Penguin Books

By Nick A. Zaino III

Comedy writing is the cohesive thread throughout the book, but it can be read and enjoyed by any comedy fan. Sacks sets his history, he’s done his research, and he has pulled some wonderful detail from his subjects.

dirty daddy

Bob Saget

Dirty Daddy
It Books

By Nick A. Zaino III

The biggest revelation may be how unabashedly Saget loves Full House and America’s Funniest Home Videos, even though they created an image he fought to escape.

Peter McGraw Joel Warner

The Humor Code

Peter McGraw and Joel Warner
Simon & Schuster

By Josiah M. Hesse

Despite the simplistic framework, Warner and McGraw deliver a sprawling, exhaustive amount of research. Compressed into an accessible, beautifully woven narrative still cohesive enough to be satisfying, their benign violation theory feels pervasive when they acknowledge moral violations remain constantly in flux throughout time, geography and culture.