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dad is fat

Jim Gaffigan

Dad Is Fat
Crown Archetype

By Nick A. Zaino III

Gaffigan may feel overwhelmed, but part of his message is that all parents feel similarly. And every once in a while, when he watches some of those other “perfect” parents, he sees them lose it and scream at their kids, and it makes him feel a little better.

carl reiner

Carl Reiner

I Remember Me

By Nick A. Zaino III

I Remember Me is an extension of My Anecdotal Life, both warm and adoring appreciations for Reiner’s funny friends and a celebration of some of the less well-known personal and professional stories.

boat hack

Boat Hack

Jimmy Dunn
Corner Rock LLC

By Nick A. Zaino III

Boat Hack isn’t an in-depth, journalistic look at the industry. Dunn treats almost everything as if he were writing it for the stage: focus on the laughs and the sarcasm, hit the punchline and get out.