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buried alive

Aziz Ansari

Buried Alive

By Josh Bell

It’s clear that Ansari has thought a lot about what it means to get married, to start a family, to knowingly take on all the trappings of a traditional life… At his best, Ansari offers a kind of deconstructionist perspective on a subject most people take for granted.

american degenerate

Jim Norton

American Degenerate

By Nick A. Zaino III

At his core, he’s a highly skilled observational comedian who happens to be observing a neighborhood most try to walk through quickly without making eye contact.

freaked out epix

Tom Papa

Freaked Out

By Daniel Berkowitz

Papa is a gifted performer, supremely aware of his body movements, facial expressions and vocal intonations. What’s more, he doesn’t rely on the unspoken to replace his comedy, but to elevate it.

showtime relatively well

Dave Foley

Relatively Well

By Daniel Berkowitz

Aside from material on racism, everything Foley says feels like it’s his own—that it is, in some sense, unique to him both in terms of perspective as well as content.

ari shaffir

Ari Shaffir

Passive Aggressive

By Daniel Berkowitz

Shaffir is skilled at tapping into the listener’s shared experiences. Universality comes from specificity, and when he outlines the horror his love life can devolve into, although we’re laughing, we’re also empathizing.