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Comedy Criticism: Is It Ever Justified?

Comedy criticism is a strange topic and not something that the ordinary man on the street would ever think about. After all, a joke is a joke, surely. However, as readers of this blog will discover, there is more to it than deciding whether a comedian is funny or not. Some critics prefer the old-style stand-up, where the audience knows that a joke is building up to a punch-line. Others like more intellectual satire based on real-life and current situations. Who's to say if one is funnier than the other? Read on for a further discussion on the topic.

Self-Deprecating Humor and EQ

19 Jun 2021

Laughing at yourself is a sign you're not uptight. It's also a sign of high Emotional Intelligence (EQ), a powerful predictor of success. Notably, it says you're a great communicator and negotiator who shows empathy. Investing in your EQ is indispensable. It's reinvesting in yourself and believing in your leadership potential.

Humor Is Subjective

6 May 2021

The actual purpose of jokes is to make people laugh. However, this isn't often the case. What one person thinks is funny may be offensive to another. Before making a joke intending to make someone laugh, it's best to establish a sense of trust with this person first.

A Philosophical Definition of Humor

29 Mar 2021

Humor has four philosophical theories. Sigmund Freud's Relief Theory, the Play Theory, Immanuel Kant's Incongruity Theory, and Thomas Hobbes' Superiority Theory. Generally, philosophers have a serious nature and aren't big fans of humor. However, they know it's essential to help a person cope with reality.